“Old House” After Seago


Very beautiful scenery, Romila, and so well painted. There is so much sunshine in it.

Lovely sunny painting, Romila

Your colours and shadows are beautiful Romila, it’s lovely.

I know this particular painting quite well, and you’ve done an excellent job here Romila.

This painting is brilliant Romila. I think Seago himself would be incredulous. I love the way he paints buildings and captures light. So lucky to learn from such wonderful artists.

Romila you have painted this beautifully. I have it somewhere in one of his books, and like you the orange door is the main attraction.

Really beautiful, Romila.

Beautifully painted, Romila

Wonderful light and shadow, and yes that door does stand out! Really well painted.

This is such a lovely Seago, well portrayed, Romila, I love it! I have also painted this so many times using different Maltese scenes.

Fabulous painting Romila, a bit of cheery sunlight on this drab November morning.

Lovely yellow door, so attractive.

Beautifully painted, Romila.

Lovely work Romila. A painting fit to grace any wall.

Really beautifully painted. Love the way you have painted the shadows especially on the door

Beautifully painted.

Fantastic painting Romila.

Beautifully painted !

Thankyou sooo much everybody. I really appreciate all your beautiful comments. I enjoyed painting this and have learnt a lot.

I love this.

Hang on Studio Wall

Trying to capture a bit of sunshine in this weather. Loved the orange door which made me try to paint this one. 16x12 oil painting on canvas board.

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