The red awning


Very chic

Posted by Jim Ross on Thu 06 Aug 19:50:44

Theat building really steals the show Romila. Love the commanding position and the elegant balconies and arched windows, very resplendent.

Really like this, detail where it matters and that splash of red awning works very well

I like the way this building melts into its background and that punch of red.

I agree,with the other comments, Romila. This is a great pen and watercolour. The perspective is super and I like the fading of the building in the distance.

Very good pen and watercolour Romila, I like how it fades away.

Really good detailed painting Of a beautiful building Romila.

Thank you 🙏 all for your kind comments.

Really like this Romila and very Jean Jacques Sempe

Amazing rendition of detail. Super work, Romila!

I Like this Romila. A Nice sense of detail on the front of the building and the red awning catches the eye to bring it to life.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Pen and watercolour wash of a building in Paris.

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