One eye sees and the other feels


An excellent portrayal of an awful catastrophe!

There is so much skill in your painting. I love the way you described the extremes in structure.

A very sad incident marvellously portrayed Romila

Excellent portrayal Romila.

An awful catastrophe so skilfully portrayed in your striking painting, Romila. ( ps - sounds like I share your eye problem.)

Wonderful explained Romila.

A tragedy that brings home how fragile life can be. Sadly you have captured it so well.

Tackled with great skill and sensitivity Romila.

Very poignant and excellently done Romila.

Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments.

Lovely how very clever. Sad but fab

On its own this stands as a skilful and interesting painting Romila. Knowing the tragic story makes it so poignant and sad as well.

Very well represented Romila!

Packs a punch Romila

I have to say this is excellent, but, such a tragedy. You have captured the structure and collapse so well

Sensitive portrayal of such a tragic event

Such a Great painting on that tragedy. Good work , Romila!

Thank you so much

a simple but powerful picture

Hang on Studio Wall
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Picture of the recent Miami tragedy reminded me of my distorted vision in one eye. One side of building is intact and other side collapsed.

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