Study of a face


A face that depicts a wealth of knowledge, when it comes to life's passage, and the stories that could be told. Marvellous, Romila.

Posted by C Jones on Thu 14 Jan 19:40:01

A great work, Romila!

Such strong narratives within his face Romila. Beautifully painted.

Nice work Romila ❤️

This is good, Romila !

Wow there is a face full of character, with a lot to say. Beautifully done Romila.

Striking face, but the blue is very dominant.

Lovely portrait study Romila, it reminds me of the actor Nigel Green when he played the role of Hercules in the film Jason and the Argonauts.

Beautiful sketching Romila. It's a face which certainly tells a story.

Wonderful portrait, Romila - the hair is so good too!

Thank you so much for such kind comments. I agree with you Linda, tried to lighten it. I think in the picture it looks much brighter than what it really is. Thanks for great advice.

I like the blue, its tempered by the flash of red under the beard, and then the almost monochrome effect of the face is naturally in sharp contrast! Wonderful character portrayal! 🙏

Fabulous portrait, wonderful eyes.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another study with tinted charcoal white, black and embers for the face and hard pastel for the clothes on a black paper. Any advice and comments are very much appreciated. Thanks for taking interest and looking at my work🙏🙏.

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