Champagne and strawberries


This is perfect, Romila. A super painting! It reminds me of the great Dutch Masters!

Excellent painting, Romila!

Well an amazing painting Romila , it’s so realistic. The glasses are so good.

This is marvellous Romila. A beautiful composition, appetising fruit and incredibly painted glassware. The bottle is also brilliant. It must have taken you ages Romila. What medium is this!

Wow, Romila, that’s excellent!

Thank you so much for your kind comments everybody, very much appreciated. It’s 40x60 cm oil painting Carole and yes it took nearly 28-30 hours to complete😊 Yes Mia, trying to learn to paint like old masters.

Brilliant Romila, you should be teaching how to paint glass, not learning!

Well painted, very real.

So so good Romila, wonderful in every detail

Excellent still life - you have captured the glass really well! My only slight comment is it could do with a stronger main player (focal point) but it is a fabulous piece of work nevertheless.

Thank you for your encouraging comments . I wish I could Fiona 😊 Thank you Guy for your kind suggestion, will definitely keep in mind.

There is a lot to like about this painting. Fabulous.

Wow this is fantastic Romila

You certainly succeeded in painting glass, Romila. A beautiful painting.

Oh wow, what a skills you have ! So realistic, amazing.

Hang on Studio Wall

Learning to paint glass , this month’s subject in painting class.

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