1950 School Dentist


Remember it well - good drawing though!

Brings back terrible memories, always a relief when they said there was nothing to do. terrific drawing.

Fantastic drawing Robert. I remember at that time being a very little girl and the enormity of the dentist’s hand, with a very sore, stretched face afterwards.

Thank you Heather Stephen and Carole

This is so right, all those infernal instruments of torture. Good 'un, Robert.

Thanks Lew.

Aaarrrrrr.......flashbacks! Lol. We survived.....great drawing Robert.

Thanks Fiona

Hang on Studio Wall

The 1950's dreaded school dentist and that awful drill, it took ages to drill the tooth which got very hot and bits of tooth littered your mouth. In those days dentist's were always stern and forbidding, and the terror was not lessened by the sight of all those glistening and steaming sharp metal picks that the assistant used to dump on the tray, and right in front of the hapless patient, oooerrr!

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