I think I'd call it an abstract - I also think I'd call it magnificent - fabulous colour, and while I don't know what the shape is or might mean, it doesn't matter in the slightest: it just works.

Thanks for your comments Robert - greatly appreciated - dunno if you ever get the Block or if so how it affects you, but with me its a dead zone, a total lack of enthusiasm, painting the above is I think a totally a right brain activity as its just draw shapes then colour in like painting by numbers, it usually brings me out of the block - .

A beautiful image, could be a dancer doing the splits! Whatever it is eye-catching and colourful Robert.

Ah Dancer doing the splits - I like it, never thought of it in that context Carole but I see it now and oddly enough it does fit the painting. perhaps I should call it Dancer? Many thanks Carole

I do get the block ... but have to work through it, somehow: just scribbling away, looking through old sketchbooks, going out for a walk to find something to paint, whatever it takes: or I get so restive it's physically painful: I feel so horribly constrained, it actually makes my feet hurt! So, while I suspect we're both mad, you're not alone.......

Aladin in his lamp! Very striking and hopefully your block has disappeared like magic.

You are dead right there Robert, spot on except I have to force myself to do something like the above to get me out of it or I tend to mope about and that drives the wife crazy which is living somewhat dangerously :-) Aladin - now that's another good idea Gudrin! And thanks Gudrin yes it did eventualy do the trick

Hang on Studio Wall

Abstract Oil 40x30 cm. Well I think its abstract, I do this type of paint doodle when I get the dreaded block, then as usual at about the half way point sods law operates and I think of something I really want to paint so the doodley gets left for another time, I realy have no idea what the thing could be classed as.

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