January 2021


A great start for your new sketchbook, Stephen. It's only for the last 4 or 5 years that I've been using them, previously it was on scraps of paper and when I acquired too many most of them were dumped. I like them very much, when full they sit neatly on a shelf.

Many thanks Lewis. My old boss used say that sketches were often better than the finished artwork even to the extent of using them. I look forward to more sketching.

Good one Stephen

Lovely, Stephen.

A lovely start Stephen.


Yes much more than a sketch Stephen

A fabulous piece, which conveys all the wonderful warmth of home comforts and the garden in the midst of winter. Very timely and much needed. Excellent work, Stephen!

Hope to enjoy many more of your posh sketches Stephen, this is a belter to start off with.

Excellent start!

Many thanks Heather, Anne, Denise, Emma, Dennis, Seok, Fiona and Linda.

Good one! Stick at it Stephen. I too used to sketch and paint on loose paper but switched to books some years ago. Good to look back on them.

A beautiful way to start a new year.

Hang on Studio Wall
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First page of a shiny new sketch book. I usually sketch on pieces of printer paper so this is a whole new world.

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