Dream House

Dream House

Are you sure it wasn't a nightmare? - I wonder what you imbibed before bedtime? I do like the trees though!

Posted by Ann Cook on Sun 21 Jul 17:42:07

You are very good at this type of "rough" painting with drawing style - evokes atmosphere. I like your portfolio Robert, you are a tree specialist!

Ann - curry: glad you picked up the nightmare bit, because that's what I was after! Thanks both.

That's quite a scary house - the blank windows are hiding something awful. Also, there seem to be railings on the roof ? The trees are quite threatening too. I hope I don't have bad dreams tonight ! ( I did have a bit of salad dressing made with yoghurt and curry paste so ....... )

I love the trees. The looseness adds a lot to the painting. In response to my hibiscus it wasn't painted alla prima. I under paint and then add layers and glazes. The image doesn't show it very well. I very rarely finish a painting in one sitting because I work all over it so it is soon swimming in wet paint.. I wonder why it doesn't come across though?

Robert, maybe you was there in another life!!,

Love love love how you have dealt with the foreground grasses and colours in this one Robert, it just really works so well

It does evoke a rather scary atmosphere but those trees and grasses are expertly executed.

Nightmare indeed! The painting isn't one though. I like the sketchy feel to it. As has been said, it is evocative of creepy.

Hi Robert, thanks for your super comment on my latest pastel portrait, glad u like it so much! I am getting better with them, they push me, a real out of the comfort zone one, but that's good and what life's about!!

This is a really super piece, Robert - I love the way the viewer gets to peek at the house through the trees.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not my dream house, but a house I dreamt about the other night - not often a picture comes to me like that, but this one, for reasons which elude me entirely, did. Acrylic, with some carbon pencil, 7" by 5".

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