A trifle...

A trifle...

It's Lovely Robert and a wonderful way to show your caring nature , beautiful

Lovely.. :)

It's turned out very nicely, and should wet your appetite for more. All the best ones are created from having fun and being relaxed about it, in my experience.

A agree with your other comments though not sure about the caring nature bit..there again, you must be a kind soul to paint this super, fun card :)

This will be a great card Robert, full of fun, I'm sure your landlady will appreciate it.

Not to be taken seriously? I think he's gorgeous . Your landlady will truly appreciate him Robert.

He's lovely and I'm sure your landlady will appreciate him. By the way, has he god a code in is dose, cos it's rudding...... I like your brush strokes, Robert, very expressive.

He is cute, Robert. I am sure your landlady will love him!

Hang on Studio Wall

Don't take this as a serious study! It's an 8" by 10", with added text, as a birthday card for my incredible, 86 year old landlady - whom you'd think a good 25 years younger than she is. I'm showing it because it might give someone an idea: I wanted to get back into oil painting after a lull, and thought that doing something playful and not very serious would be a good way of breaking through the ice again. I suppose it's trying to be a dormouse, but if it is, shall we say I've done better? Still - a bit of fun. And it did get my oil-paints out of the box again.

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Born November 18th 1950. Former party political agent, former chairman of housing association. Has worked as a volunteer with the NHS since 2000, painting seriously for the last ten years, sporadically for the last 50. Member, National Association of Painters in Acrylic from October 2015

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