Badger in the Copse

Badger in the Copse

I thought I'd tried everything when it comes to painting but not cigar- box lids - here's an idea, try limited edition giclee prints on cigar-box lids of this lovely painting.

Fine detail here Robert, must have been difficult on a small area. Very attractive, I like this cute little badger.

lovely painting Robert, it works so well

Thanks for your comment Robert, i just used caligraphy ink - i must try chinese ink some day... lovely painting!

I must have missed these two delightful paintings when I first visited your gallery. The badger and the vole are both wonderfully captured. You can almost feel them watching you (in the case of the badger) or ignoring you (in the case of the vole)!

lovely painting ; i do love badgers ;. after your kind comments on my work, i had to have a look at your gallery, lovely. about masking fluid, i hardly ever use it , but i thought for the whiskers i would try it and of course when i went for the bottle it was just a rubbery mess. i am going to wash out the spaniels ears and try again, i will let you know how i get on. thanks again lilias

brilliant painting.

You are so lucky to be able to paint badgers!!! A great painting.

Robert Just had a look at your Badger & Vole portraits I,ve got a lot to learn. James

Great work on the Badger and the setting is just perfect to show it off. I like it a lot Best wishes Gary

Lovely painting such detail especially as it has been painted in oil.

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 09 May 11:58:32

Absolutely superb little painting full of life and character. The looseness of the woodland is just perfect. How can you call this just a sketch? A gamekeeper uncle years ago had a pet badger rescued after mum was run over. they are huge animals and although they look soft their coats are really bristly which you have caught so well.

Hi Robert, I am just going through Browse all portfolios and have come across this one of your animals. It's just great especially the Badger above such detail and in oils too.Really liked this one.Joy.

Posted by Joy Lee on Sat 18 Jun 15:11:04

Robert I forgot that I have seen this before I think I must be going Do LallyTap. A senior moment I think !! Joy

Posted by Joy Lee on Sat 18 Jun 15:15:33

Joy, you're clearly in love with it. You want it - you just know you do - on your wall. I still have it, and, for a mere King's Ransom, it can be yours! Worth a try... you've gotto give it a go, haven't you....?

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil sketch on cigar-box lid. Approx 7" by 5.5".

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Born November 18th 1950. Former party political agent, former chairman of housing association. Has worked as a volunteer with the NHS since 2000, painting seriously for the last ten years, sporadically for the last 50. Member, National Association of Painters in Acrylic from October 2015

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