Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer

This is different Rachel, I like it, Mum

Interesting piece Rachel!

Great technique Rachel, it's lovely to see something different and experimental.

Thanks for your comments mum, Margaret & Satu. Quite pleased with the result as I didn't sketch it out first. Painted straight onto the board using small pieces of card then a bit of brushwork for some detail. 😘

It's an exciting piece Rachel. I can spend a long time exploring those marks.

Posted on Thu 30 Nov 19:51:52

I'm quite happy to just like it..(-:

Love this style Rachel, it inspires me.

Thank you Ibolya, Jim & Alan .. 👍🏻💛

Painted with a palette knife or plastic card? Like it. Rachel.

Thanks John. I've got a load of old business card that I cut up into various sizes. The card soaks the paint up nicely and I find plastic to hard and not flexible enough.

Great mark making Rachel. Lively work.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on A4 board. Semi abstract painted from a sketch.

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