Brusho Bridge

Brusho Bridge

Rebecca - I do admire your enthusism and, as a result of your efforts I can see sustained improvement and this is really what this gallery is, for me at least, what this site is all about- keep painting and keep posting.

Hi Michael :have made my artistic day :-) thank you :-) i totally understand what you mean, and i agree, and do hope i am not seen by the rest of the gallery artists as what people are calling 'spammers' i think 'spammer' must be someone posting loads and loads of paintings all at once? thank you for such lovely comments :-) i do not wish to annoy, just paint, paint, paint :-)

Rebecca your bridge is far better than any of the ones I've attempted. I can never seem to get that curve right, and then match it with the shadow underneath. I think you've done a great job on yours.

Thanks so much Fiona :-) i was copying it by eye while watching the painting and drawing channel demonstration :-) i think i was just lucky :-p your paintings far supersede mine :-)

Hi Rebecca a spammer is the people posting adverts of what they are selling onto the Forum part of this site. A multi poster is someone who is posting a high number of paintings onto the gallery in one go. And you are not that, so keep posting!

Hi Hazel :-) phew.......that's a releif to know. :-) thank you :-) i am not on the forum, i had a bad experience with forums so keep well clear :-p i do at times upload 4 in a day which is the maximum, but i try to not do that anymore, and have 3 as the maximum throughout the day, not all at once :-) i am delighted to keep posting :-p and posting....... and posting....... and posting :-) thanks for explaining, i appreciate it :-)

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363 views I was watching the painting and drawing channel yesterday and Geoff Kersey was painting a bridge in Derbyshire, so i was inspired to try and capture a Bridge, (i have not drawn one correct before) i hope this resembles a bridge, it is of nowhere in particular, so i called it brusho bridge :-p hope you like it :-)

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