winter coat

winter coat

Excellent stuff Rebbcca, this is a zillion light years ahead of all your other stuff. Perhaps make sure you get the feet into the frame, but that is being picky. best Mick

I think your watercolours are progressing well Rebecca and despite feeling that it is not quite correct you have still posted it. That shows great confidence - something we all need. I admire you for tackling watercolour - I tried at the beginning but was so heavy-handed with it, and never satisfied with the results. But then we are all individuals and all find our own way/methods in the end. I love the colours you use. Keep up the good work.

I agree with others here Rebecca - I'm a newbie to POL and have been looking through lots of galleries including yours and i think you have done some really interesting pieces, and I think this is a one of your better works especially composition and colour. okay so you aren't completely satisfied with it - but then few of us are rarely completely satisfied with our work. on the being picky thing raised by Mick - I might be bold here and disagree with the feet in the frame thing - I love the fact that not all the people are fully framed like the pink lady in the foreground - it gives a real sense of movement - i like it. :)

Well i am stunned :-p Hi Mel, welcome to POL, i only joined on the 12th of this month :-) i love boldness :-p thank you for looking through my gallery and for commenting, i appreciate it. :-)

Your sky colours are always appealing Rebecca, your subjects are interesting. Well done on your progress!

Thanks Carol :-) i am still shocked as to why you all think this is one of my best paintings yet :-p the shadows are all wrong, the coat was too puddley, the mans blue trousers have bled into the floor :-p etc etc I know everyone has their own opinions :-)

Keep up the good work, love the colours you have used

I rather like the fact that the pink figure looks as if she is just striding into view, apart from that I agree with all that Mick has already said.

Very pretty art work, Like the lady in the pink outfit, love the pretty sky, there is a lovely soft following feel to this painting. great work.

Hi Bianca :-) thanks so much for looking at my artwork and for commenting :-) i am really happy you think it is pretty and that you like the sky :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

This watercolour painting i feel went wrong, so it's in a separate portfolio. The male walker's coat is too huge, the paper was too wet, and my brush had oo much water on it, must remember to wipe off excess water before painting :-p

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