Wilbur at the window

Wilbur at the window

I really like this painting. You've tried something completely different and it's definately worked. I think that the flowers could have been a little more defined in a stronger colour but that's just my opinion. Apart from that it's really good. Also, I've just spotted "Wilbur"! It's very refreshing to see something here that's a bit different. I do like your other work but would like to see more from you like this! Louise

Thank you for your kind comment. I've been fretting over this picture as I usually paint 'safe' pictures and feel stuck in a rut. You've given me confidence to go on with this style. Thank you once again. :)

Definately ..carry on in this direction. I think that it's all a learning curve and it's so good to try something new and different. You can always go back to your "safe" painting and who knows, you might hit on something amazing ! Thank you for commenting on mine. I did study textile design years ago but only started watercolours a few years ago. Tomorrow I think I'll try a new approach! Thanks! Louise

This caught my eye for the lovely pink flower and I was curious to have a closer look - I think you should carry on with this style as the composition is great, the cat sitting looking out the window is so typical of them and you have made it different, I often try to do something different but when it comes to the composition I get lost with worrying about scale and accuracy and then abandon it. This has a sort of ethereal quality to it - maybe stained glass effect lurking in there as well ?

Louise, you already have a unique style- you seriously don't have to change it :) Norah, the cat was a shape that emerged out of the background, I didn't have to worry about scale etc as it just appeared. It was a lucky accident. :)

Sarah I think being out of your comfort zone was a good place to be with this picture, lovely colours and composition, particularly the flowers they are very fresh - my favourite in your gallery . Thank you too for your comment - always appreciated.

Thanks Sarah for your comment today which I've just seen! What a lovely thing to say ! When I say no more patchworks for a while I actually mean no more anything. Appart from artists block I'm going to be busy with my new first grandchild ! I entered the RA a few years ago with no success. It cost me a fortune and I thought never again :) I am entering the Sunday Times comp though this year. I'm sending Pennine Tops and the red/pink one which I reworked and was untitled at the time. Have I made the right choice, I don't really know, but it's something to look forward to! Thanks again!

Best of luck, Louise with the competition. I hope that you win . :)

Just had a lovely start to the day browsing your gallery - it's so varied with lots of super work. I do envy people who can paint in different media. I think this is my favourite; I like the palette here and the format and of course Wilbur ! Thanks for liking my old trawler which I'll now probably put in an exhibition (only 4 paintings) in October. It's so hard choosing a long time in advance. Regards Avie.

Aah! Thank you Avril. Best of luck with the exhibition. All your work is brilliant, I guess it will be hard to choose the final four that you put in. :)

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