Hidden Beauties

Hidden Beauties

Very nice work Sarah. Colours, tones and brushwork is masterful.

Inspired and beautiful Sarah

I love the effect, Sarah. This would make a lovely card or book illustration.

Expressive and so well painted Sarah, as always...

Lovely work Sarah

Love this Sarah......the roses and background are beautifully painted.

The magic of this piece Sarah is that you have not got caught up in lots of detail. But you have said more though your painterly brush and wonderful colouring. I hope I have not given you a big head because that would not be any good for you painting lol.

Beautiful painterly technique Sarah.

Thank you very much for all your generous comments. This one was bloomin ' hard work from beginning to end and I was very pleased to finish it. Yep! My head is somewhat inflated John.LOL!

Beautiful effect Sarah. Not sure what Khadi paper is.

Beautiful evocative painting, Sarah.

a real beauty Sarah a joy to behold.

Cesare and Dennis thank you for your great comments and Adele, the Khadi paper that I use is 210gsm and it is a recycled cotton rag, handmade paper that is made inIndia. Acid free too. It is a very thirsty paper and you have to use a lot of water but it is well worth trying it out.

beautifully painted Sarah also subtle colour combinations I see cobwebs and dew excellent

Thank you David. There is a cobweb in the background and dew too.

That's a lovely watercolour Sarah

Thanks for the info Sarah.

Thanks Dermot and glad the info was useful Adele.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour on Khadi Paper. Appro 14"x10".

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I live close to the North Norfolk coast and have painted in many mediums over the years, primarily in watercolours .

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