My Great Niece

My Great Niece

A lovely drawing, Val. I agree about taking a 'relaxed' approach when trying for a likeness, I find often that when I'm not 'trying' too hard I get the best results. Weird.

Thanks Lewis. I find that the paintings/drawings I'm most happy with are on the backs of failed paintings or odd scraps of grubby paper :)

This one is a good portrait, very expressive, Val.

Very cute Val 👍🏻

She looks beautiful Val, a gorgeous little portrait! I'm yet to try a portrait - I'm too scared😂

It's a fabulous drawing Val

She is lovely, Val. A beautiful drawing, perfectly executed.

Gorgeous drawing, Val. It's so difficult drawing young children because their skin is virtually flawless with not a wrinkle in sight. Highlights and shadows are the devices I use, or try to. Great expression Bri

Lovely drawing,in fact a Great drawing of a Great niece.

She is a delight Val.

A super pencil drawing of a little beauty Val :)

What a delightful little lady well done Val

Thank you so much everyone you are all such a boost with your kind comments.

Get some more pencil portraits done Val, this is great. Likenesses are very hard!

Thanks Marjorie, I really appreciate it coming from someone who is so good at portraits.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil sketch. I've tried to paint her in pastel twice and again in watercolour and wasn't pleased with the result but this pencil sketch which I didn't take as seriously turned out to be the best likeness! Always the case isn't it? :) C & C very welcome as I'm not a portrait painter.

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