Yes Val you could take him as scary! A clever experiment as well with well chosen colours, you have got that translucent look on feathers.

He does look rather sinister Val, it's that look in his eye! Interesting technique though and good result.

Interesting technique. I'm glad you didn't change it to look like a raven, he is scary enough already.

It's a great starling Val. It doesn't frighten me though. In fact it's a 'canny' looking little starling if you ask me. Interesting that we both did a bird today in connection with Fiona. I wanted to make amends because I failed to distinguish her bats from birds and now I've tried to put it right with her. It could definitely be scary to fall out with Fiona.

It's a very good painting Val, but I suppose he does look a bit creepy.

Lol....Val it could be from 'The Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock, that featured flocks of Starlings attacking people. Great addition to the 'Friday fright feature'.... Mick, what's a bat and a bird between

Many thanks my fellow POL ers for your generous comments. Michael, I'm sure Fiona isn't that scary LOL

Val , instead of using Gouache , try gum arabic. It is easier to control as it stays fluid and you can work to a finer detail if it so pleases you. Also consider using different strengths or dilutions of the ink to control tone values. I love using this technique. cheers from New Zealand , Mike Capenerhurst

Val, instead of using gouache try straight gum arabic - which is the binding agent in gouache. I find it easier to work with , being liquid , it is easier to get more detail if that is to your liking and doesn't dry up on the palette . I am also using different strengths of ink - ie I am diluting to 50%,25%, and weaker again to control tone depths which I consider very important in a painting. I understand the same technique can be used with acrylic paint instead of ink. I did try a small sample and it seemed to work - but I haven't taken it further. cheers from New Zealand , Mike Capenerhurst

sorry you got duplicates - hadn't noticed the second page and thought I had deleted instead of saving

Hi Mike, thank you very much for your helpful suggestions they are very much appreciated and I look forward to giving them a try.

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I thought this was scary enough for Fiona's challenge even though it's a starling not a raven:). I'm cheating though as this was an experiment done a good while ago. Gouache resist and ink.

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