Delightful drawing Val!

What an expressive portrait. It's great, Val.

I agree with Louise and Thea: this is beautiful. Well done Val!

Lovely to see you posting again Val, and what a start! Delightful expression and I love the fall of her hair.

She's got that look I sometimes see in my own grandchildren - bless them!

Thank you ladies and Michael for your generous comments. Michael, I was cursing that crinkled up nose look when I was drawing it wishing I'd chosen an easier pose lol

You have done a great job with this Val! To capture an expression like that must be very difficult and you have to be a good artist to be able to it. Well done!!

Lovethis ! Such character and beautifully painted.

Liked it the first time I saw it. I want to come up with a better title though but I can't work out exactly what that amazing expression is.

Magnificent drawing Val, as Isaid before. So full of character! Love that hair, brillianto.

Hang on Studio Wall

Been a while since my last posting as I've not been very productive recently, my mojo's got up and gone...again! I drew Ruby in coloured pencils a few months ago but didn't post it as Ruby's mother hadn't seen it and I wasn't sure she'd want her daughter all over the internet! I painted Ruby as practice for myself as it was the first time I've tried skin tones in CP. As my old teacher would say "could do better" but in my defence the original isn't quite as pink as it appears on screen :) Ruby's mum has now seen this, liked it and claimed it!

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