Jean's Lilies

Jean's Lilies

Well, I am so glad that you did finish it because it is a joy to behold. The texture and shapes on the lilies' petals are wonderful and the composition is perfect. Your background is just right, which proves that with the right thoughts - you get there in the end!

Beautiful lilies Val, I really like the background

Really great Val - do like it

Super work Val, it doesn't look a bit like a struggle :) Love the back ground, it throws the flowers forward. Fresh and full of life!

Beautiful work Val! I totally sympathize with you about having to repaint the background. This has happened to me on many occasions and you're right, such paintings do taunt us, they just won't go away will they! This one was so worth the struggle. It's really lovely and the background is just perfect :)

Love the background - makes the lilies zing! [ if you know what I mean!]

Misery loves company! I have a pastel taunting me from the middle of last year and my solution was simpler than yours - put the started thing out of sight! Totally understand your struggle, Val, but kudos to you for persevering, especially when the result is so utterly exquisite! I think the background is spot on and showcases the lilies beautifully. Overall a very successful struggle and a very decisive triumph!

A nice painting Val - really like it.

Well done, Val. I agree with all the above comments! Like it very much!

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to leave such nice comments on this painting. Strange isn't it how we feel about some of our work compared to other paintings and I find it reassuring Seok and Louise that artists of your calibre sometimes have a tussle as well. This painting is now hidden away out of sight , perhaps when it resurfaces and I've viewed it with a fresh pair of eyes I might like it a little better LOL

I hope you do become more drawn to it Val because it is a lovely painting. Well done for sticking with it....I hide my challenges at the bottom of my waste paper bin, never to bother me again!! Lol

Lovely positions of lilies Val. I love the dark background for them.

Hiding it out of sight! It should be in a frame on a wall. It is beautiful :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Started this last November from life, then the flowers died on me and I got fed up with it. Painted on a rather dull grey shade of Tiziano pastel paper that did the lilies no favour so I've lost count of the number of times I've changed the colour of the background.LOL Finally forced myself to finish it from memory as I was sick of seeing it sitting on my easel taunting me. It is now well and truly out of sight:)

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