Odd one Out.

Odd one Out.

Glorious daffs Val, beautifully painted.

These look a treat Val, I love the shading in the white petals, gorgeous. I think the yellow one adds a humorous tinge as the others are mainly looking at it as though to say 'op it'! A delightful painting.

Its a lovely painting of daffs Val, I like the odd one out, its add to the painting being a bit different.

So beautiful in colour Val......gorgeous tones in the white, so difficult to get right and you have. The odd one out I think, adds balance and it doesn’t look intimidated one bit by the bunch! Lol

So beautifully done, Val. I especially like your treatment of the background and leaves, it enhances the lovely flowers.

This is beautiful Val, lovely shades on the white petals and the background is fab too!

Lovely daffodils Val , love the various shades of colour and the nice yellow one adds to the painting

I love this and am so glad you kept the yellow one in. The contrast and the way the others are looking at it just adds an extra "something".

Many thanks everyone for your lovely comments they are appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Just to keep Fiona's daff company as, like hers, mine have only recently appeared. I wish I'd left the yellow one out, it looks as though it's "photo bombed the painting. LOL

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