Roddies 2

Roddies 2

Very beautiful Val. Lovely pink tones and details on the petals.

Stunning, Val! I saw this on AF and hoped you would post it here so that I could tell you how lovely I thought it was. Gorgeous colours and the detailing inside the petals is magic.

Wonderful work Val, really special!

This watercolour is something a bit special Val, really like this one, congratulations on painting such a fine piece of work

Such delicate colours and wonderful detail . A superb peice of work.

Beautifully painted, great depth, the flowers look like they're coming out of the screen. Hope you had a good holiday in Wester Ross with plenty of inspiration.

Posted by K 0 on Thu 07 Jul 18:43:53

Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave such generous comments and yes Kevin, I came back with lots of sketches and photos ready for some landscapes in pastels (can't do them in watercolour to save my life!) and I only managed to get two midgie bites!

Really gorgeous I love the bluey shading at the bottom. Very attractive painting Val.

Thanks for your comments on my Orkney painting, I cant take all the credit tho, I've posted a longer explanation, really like your "stained glass" paintings, have you tried landscapes in that style?

Posted by K 0 on Fri 08 Jul 18:29:09

Thank you Carole and Lesley. Kevin, thank you too for the compliment on my SG paintings and you've got me thinking re landscapes, I might just have a go but whether or not they get posted on here is another matter LOL

Hang on Studio Wall

Started this over 3 weeks ago during the Forth Valley Open Studio event in between speaking to visitors so it was a bit stop and start and stop again! Finally got it finished this week after returning from a trip up to the north west coast of Scotland looking for inspiration, which I found in abundance.

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