The Grounds of Kinloch Castle

The Grounds of Kinloch Castle

I like your simplicity of approach and can see this must look even more stunning viewed at a distance.

I used to paint a lot in gouache Val many years ago when doing textile design . Isn't it a satisfying medium to work with? No runs, just solid colour and shapes. This painting of yours has a strong design element and I love it.

It is excellent Val, so realistic that must be the gouache because everything in this painting has that same perfect look to it handled expertly by yourself of course, interesting reading Louise's comment to you about the benefits of using gouache as well

I thought that I'd dig out my gouache tubes and then realised that I only have two. White and Canary yellow....LOL

I love the shapes and lines in this Val, you've got verticle lines, horizontal blocks, flecks and dashes! What a fabulous medium, never tried Gouache. Great shades; reminds me of icecream, mint, rum & raisin, strawberry and chocolate. Love the rocks and ferns.

This really took my attention - love the palette.

Thank you Helen, Louise, Ros, Fiona and Michael I appreciate all your comments. Louise, I enjoy working with gouache, I don't know why I don't use it more often as it is far more forgiving than watercolour :)

The ice cream colors work well. I like the graphic vintage poster, dare I say paint by numbers style, especially like the colored leaves in the bottom left corner against the dark rock.

Posted by K 0 on Sat 18 Jan 09:51:40

Hi Val, you must have had a wonderful day out to produce this lovely picture.

Many thanks, Gudrun, Kevin and Karyl. Kevin you made me smile calling it my painting by numbers style. I tried to simplify the shapes a bit so I suppose it is, but without the numbers of course lol

A really beautiful piece, Val - I love your palette and the serene, tranquil atmosphere.

Somehow I have missed this Val but so glad I noticed it now. It's absolutely superb, the colours are yammy and the whole painting looks very professional. Congratulations!

Hang on Studio Wall

Playing with my gouache again and painted on mountboard with an undercoat of acryl gouache. This is the bridge leading to the Japanese garden in the grounds of Kinloch Castle, Isle of Rum. Thanks for taking a peek :)

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