Beautiful close-up Val, what's that gorgeous red?

Thanks Carole, it's glazes of Indian Yellow and Scarlet Lake with touches of Alzarin. Tried to keep away from the obvious cadmium red.

Nice one Val, my gallery pick of the day too.

This is completely breathtaking, Val! So very beautiful and that gorgeous, gorgeous red! Just love everything about it!

Lovely Val !. I like the wet in wet background , which is a good contrast for the colour of the poppy. I admire the way you blend your colours. I probably think you've put too many rain drops on the flower but as that is the subject of the painting I'm probably wrong. I'd love to know how big it is. I've never attempted a water colour larger than A4. You have a great portfolio which i always enjoy looking through !

I think this is lovely Val. It's a very accomplished painting and technically very good. It's also a very striking image and I particularly like the way you've splashed water onto the background which ties in beautifully with the raindrops on the petals. As a fellow flower-painter I find that one of the most difficult things to achieve is a harmony between the flower(s) and the background, which you've achieved so well. If you're not careful things can look as if they are just stuck on - I speak from experience - I've been there many times! And yes it would be good to know what size it is. Well done

Thank you so much for your comments Phil, Seok, Kate and Jacki I appreciate them all. Kate I agree I've done too many raindrops but I got carried away, at least there's not as many as in the oil version LOL The size is 25/18cm, not very big but I'm painting for an exhibition where they want smaller paintings. The largest watercolour I have painted is about 45cm/35cm.

Another beauty, my partner keeps asking for a large canvas of poppies, haven't had the courage to do it yet! I love all your flower paintings.

This is lovely Val. Love the details of the poppy and the raindrops on the petals.

Superb! And the colour of the poppy is perfect. I do admire you being able to paint so well in different media.

Hi Val, Love this, agree with others re background. When I was being taught botanical painting, my tutor was very particular about light source only coming from one direction. Would you mind me saying that the shadows around your dew drops seem to come from different sources. (As well they may have). Just a thought.

Thank you Stephen,Lorraine, Avril and Sue for your kind comments. Sue, you were quite right to remind me of the light source, I got so involved in trying to make them look realistic I completely lost sight of that detail, thank you.

It took my eye immediately too. A lovely and different version of a flower so often painted.

Thank you Judith.

Exquisite. jx

thank you for commenting on my painting it has given me your name so i can look you up. you have varied and beautiful series of portfolios. i like the fresh feel your paintings have, the colours have a vibrancy about them. this poppy is superb particulary the centre.

Have just seen your lovely vibrant flower watercolours I agree with all of the above.I think the raindrops make the painting for me.

Posted by Joy Lee on Tue 22 Mar 11:39:35

Thank you so much.

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A watercolour version of an oil I painted last year taken from one of my photographs. Comment and critique very welcome.

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