Dougal, Dandelions and Daisies.

Dougal, Dandelions and Daisies.

Hehe have a right go at him Val!!! Love Dougal, what a super chap he is, and what a great colour! He sings out from the page! And thanks so much for your lovely comment on my latest pastel dog portrait of the Puppy, very much appreciated xx

Dougal stands out beautifully in this lovely summery painting Val, the colours work for me!

I like the background. It makes it more stylish and easy on the eye and makes Dougal the star of the show.

I like the background. It makes it more stylish and easy on the eye and makes Dougal the star of the show.

A very handsome chap this Dougal Val! I love Highland Cattle and you have painted him beautifully with the straight back and lovely hair. I like the background too.

Love the background colour, a beautiful sense of summer light.

A lovely piece, Val, with great textures, a lovely palette and a super summery atmosphere.

Super work Val, he looks very chilled out on a lovely summery day, wouldn't want to be in the field with him mind!!! lol

Thank you very much ladies for your lovely comments on Dougal. I tried to keep the background meadow very loose against the more detailed coo. Not easy for me, I always seem to get bogged down in detail lol.

What a honey Val, used to have Highlanders in the field behind us, sadly no more.

Great painting Val, love the colours

A combination of the soft and the rugged Val. Dougle is a delight and I bet he thinks he's gone to heaven, all that lovely grass and wild flowers!

Love this fellow. Can see every hair on his back......well, nearly! A great title too.

Lovely background and fur texture

Thank you so much Karyl. Glennis, Fiona, Avril and Lorraine for leaving such generous comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Soft pastel on colourfix. I couldn't quite get the background colour a true representation of the painting here. Though not the normal colour of a summer meadow the painting is a slightly greener turquoise. I blame the photographer, hubby :)

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