The Baritone

The Baritone

Lovely John. A little creepy and quite captivating at the same time.

Well done John and agree i can hear the tones

I don't like much digital paintings, John, but this one is very amazing ans skillful.

But you've got the digital skill John.

I quite agree with you about painting with the real thing. I think we all spend too much time looking at second hand experiences and twiddling with unresponsive electronics. There is nothing like real life. However, you have done an excellent job here.

Marvellous digital portrait but I agree with you that the real thing is...real

It's an excellent piece, though, John. Very lively and expressive.

Thank you Henry, Margaret, Dennis, Cesare, Marjorie, Ivan, Linda, Satu, and Seok. Your comments are very much appreciated.

Nice one John

Hang on Studio Wall

Digital painting. I no longer do digital painting. Love the real brushes, smell of linseed oil and pure turpentine. There is nothing like spreading the paint around with a real palettte knife using real paint.

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