Big, Big Arms

Big, Big Arms

interesting....thank god its not his legs...

Lol Peter you must have been watching Lord of the Rings. Thanks.

Really unusual, if you hadn’t have painted it on location, I’d have thought it was artists license. Lovely colours, John.

A great shape John, trees always interest me in old woodland settings.

This is decidedly an Ent..

That's one big tree John and I love your colours, is it Middle Earth ?

Thank you Ellen, Alan Sylvia, and Linda. Your feedback is appreciated. The location is actually at Norton Priory in Cheshire Linda.

Tried something slightly similar to this a while ago, and couldn't make it work - but you have; maybe I should have persisted. Yes, I've seen trees like this - and they can give you quite a turn if you come upon them suddenly...

Really interesting John, a very large tree by the look of it! I like the way the light is coming through and also the leaves on the ground are beautiful colours. Great stuff!

Thank you for your feedback Margaret and Robert, its appreciated.

I think there is a freshness in work done on site as there is in this piece. I love the tree bark and those wonderful Autumnal leaves

Love the autumn colours in the foreground John and you've captured the light brilliantly but I don't think I'd like to come across this tree in the dead of night :)

Thank you Diana and Val. Your feedback is appreciated. If anything Val one might fall over it lol.

Lovely work as always, John.

John, the oak is fabulous but that! It sings.

Thank you Linda, and Fiona, your feedback is very much appreciated.

The light well and truly captured John - brilliant piece.

Beautiful tree John the bark is great and colours are vibrant.

Beautiful colours John lots of detail in that tree and surrounding area

A dancing tree John, I would love to see its head lol. It looks it has painted the beautiful fiery foreground. Gorgeous.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel painted out on location. Came across this oak with huge arms that touched the ground. I added the small details back at the studio. Size 16X11 inches. Ever since I started landscape painting, of which a great deal of it has been done out on location, I have always gone for capturing the light. That has always been the most single aim. It is the light that gives form, colour, and depth to everything.

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