Stormy Weather.

Stormy Weather.

I spy, what can you see in them clouds?

A big bird is eating up a seagull in mid air.

A crocodile with someone's head in his mouth!

Well I just love these colours John. I can see a lady lying down at the right, just below that gorgeous patch of blue.

Thanks Michael, Margaret, and Marjorie. I like that one Marjorie the lady lying down, not so obvious.

looks like a shark eating a jelly fish great stuff John

Very striking. Lady lying down, big croc has snuck up behind her and is about to have lunch.

very expressive work John love the low horizon

Gorgeous colours John, I love it!

A shark just about to eat a lady crouched down clutching a blue handbag. The background ‘grounds’ it superbly John.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on Canvas Board. 8X6 inches. Painted many moons ago. I was out watch this. We turned for home . lol. I love clouds, they are never ever the same.

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