By the Light of The Moon

By the Light of The Moon

Another beauty, John, good tones/colours

You make it look easy John

Lovely! But why did you make it hard for yourself doing it digitally? From my experience it takes far longer using a computer, than it does using paint. Have you developed special brushes for feathers? Well done though - you've captured just that moment at the end of the swoop/stoop, when they lower their undercarriage to pick up the prey, before swooping up again. Great colour palette too.

Thanks Dennis and Pat. Linda I stopped digital painting sometime back. Because I do not like sitting in front of a monitor screen for most of the day. This would not have gone up today but A member requested. So here it is a piece of digital. Thanks for your comment its the sort of thing I like to hear about.

Wow John this one is amazing, what a beauty, its brill.

Very beautiful John. I very nearly bought an I-pad for digital work a little while ago but I love the feel of the paintbrushes and the smell of the paint too much.

I love the light on the wings, and how you've captured the sense of movement in the owl. Superb again John

Thank you Michael, Jenny, David, Peter, and Joanne. Adele that is why I stopped doing digital because I love the smell and feel of the medium. Also I do not like working on a monitor screen for hours on end.

Brilliant again John, love the light through the wings, wonderful.

Digital? I can't begin to imagine how you do it. I love the variation of line and texture Diana

Your digital art is so good John. The sky in this painting and the background to your butterfly painting reminds me of molten metal......copper perhaps. Very effective.

This is ablsolutely stunning John!!

This is beautiful, John, especially like all the warm colours.

Very impressive John, I received a stylus pen at Christmas but haven't got to grips with iPad painting yet.

Beautiful digital work, John..

Hang on Studio Wall

Digital painting size A4

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