"My Mate, Dave"

"My Mate, Dave"

Goodness Geoff, there is plenty going on in this piece, tremendous work.

Incredible detail in the background

I agree with Alan, plenty going on to interest the eye Geoff.

A superb painting Geoff!! I must say he has a fine collection of guitars, particularly the National Tricone. I'm envious of your skill plus David's resonator!!

I love the wonderful detail I your paintings and this one is no exception. There is so much to study yet nothing is competing against anything else. The musician looks totally engrossed in his playing too. Diana

All i can say is, when one of my oldest friends can paint such a fantastic portrait of me to this standard, i am humbled by Geoff's incredible professionalism and dedication to his art. he should be up there with "the greats?" or should i say charlatans, and pretenders to the world of" art" who are making an obscene fortune from just a miniscular amount of ability and talent that this great fellow artist and friend possesses, i applaud you sir.. David Wilkes..... by the way a note to Russell Edwards.. that ain't no National resonator (wish it was) but a cheap but very good copy from Recording King who make some fine instruments.. the martin D-41 and Les Paul are the real thing though !

Lot of thoughts!

Fabulous detail in this Geoff - a real work of art.

A pic to be proud of .

Thanks for clarification David, but that logo looks similar to a National methinks. Still a lovely looking guitar though!

Fantastic painting, Geoff! The guitars are superb, as is the microphone and recording equipment. - not to mention the postcards etc. I love the texture of the trousers too. The crease in his ironed sleeve is enviable!! ( I never iron hubby's clothes that well!!!!) Brilliant perspective too.!!

Terrific painting and I love the amount of detail you have managed to get in there.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my 'Rockwellian' portrait of fellow artist, musician/composer and friend of over 40 years, David Wilkes

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