Please Let Us Help You

Please Let Us Help You

Very emotive subject, Paul - thought provoking. Beautifully portrayed!

Posted by Ann Cook on Sun 19 Feb 16:04:37

A very interesting subject, Paul, and well painted. This really draws the viewer in and makes me stop and think, which is what good art should do, in my humble opinion.

This is a thought provoking painting Paul, and it certainly has a chilly feel to it!

Thought provoking painting. I think you have really captured the desolate feeling of the man on the bench - very nicely done.

I agree with all of the above comments, a painting with a story though a sad one. Lovely work.

A super piece, Paul. The figures are really well placed to create the right amount of tension and your washes are beautifully laid.

I'm grateful for your comments. Thank you all very much

It's great. Did you work from a photo or life or your imagination? By the way, I've answered your question about quink and bleach on my sygnets post.

Hi Heather. Thanks for the comment! This was composed to address 2 challenges at once, one titled 'Cold' and the other 'Compassion'. It was snowing and cold outside when I composed it, so I started with that. I thought about who might be outside in the snow getting cold and in need of compassion. The idea of a homeless person receiving help came quickly but seemed a bit too obvious so I added the 'twist' that the help was not being welcomed which made it a bit more interesting to me. Everything is made up except the man on the bench who was based on a photo.

Well I'm very very impressed that you are able to paint so well from your imagination as I am completely incapable of it. I can only draw what I see and at best tweak the colours or composition. I also really like that your work has such a strong narrative element - I really liked your sick slick painting for that reason, ha ha!

Thanks again Heather. I'll use as much reference material as possible where I can and I had reasonable reference for the chap on the bench. I wanted an upright chap to frame the left hand side of the picture and the other chap leaning in / reaching out to link the three men together. I decided to put a tree in to show a bit of depth, have it leaning in from the right to help balance the chap leaning in from the left and lead your eyes back into the picture. I couldn't find any suitable reference material for these men or the tree so just decided to paint them as simply as possible to avoid as many problems as possible.

Hang on Studio Wall

Wanted this to have a chilly feel to it and to show that trying to help others is sometimes really hard work. Featured in the Members Gallery of Paint magazine May 2012.

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