The Belligerent Budgie

The Belligerent Budgie

My money's on the budgie! Lovely bright colours Paul!

My money's on the budgie too When I looked after mum in law's budgie I took it to the vet to have claws clipped along with my dog. It took 3 minutes to clip my dog's claws.The budgie took half an hour- evil little blighter.

Oh, this did make me smile. Great title for a super painting and, yes, my money's on the budgie too.

Thank you Paul for your comments on my painting, Im amazed with your art, you are able to capture all subjects really well, I would be stumpt with scenes, I can say ive never tried, trees ect scare me!!!

Thank you Ladies, I'm glad you like it....and 'yes' there was only ever one winner in this battle. Thank you Susan for a very generous comment. I'm not a confident or experienced painter, so I have to work out every new painting from scratch. I try to find good reference material and find that doing drawings first helps me settle on a composition and tone etc. I'm always apprehensive until I've finished a painting, but the preparation means that at least I have some sort of plan to follow.

We've had budgies for many years, and this is a typical pose for our last remaining bird. Lovely work and great story!

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When I was a kid we had a budgie called Hopalong (he had a dodgy leg), but this budgie had attitude! Whenever let out of his cage he'd fly straight to the parrots cage and hang on to the bars. The parrot would eye him up and slowly sidle along the perch until Hopalong was within range and then strike out and crash his beak into the bars where Hopalong was. Hopalong would squawk and flap away from the bars and fly round the room and go straight back for more. Every time Hopalong landed back on the bars he would look at us as if to say...."I'm gonna keep doing this until this big old bird admits defeat!"

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