Crossroads at Exmoor

Crossroads at Exmoor

Hi Paul like I said on PMP site, I love this watercolour of the vacant sheep as sheep always are, and especially the ones that look like they have climbed or abseiled up that tree to get on top of the higher banking, and the highlight on the sheeps backs showing the sunshine on them, and the limited colours help to unify the scene and to make it all work, especially the potentially tricky hedges and verges where you have managed to avoid needing to show too much leaf and grass detail by using those same colours again, really well done

Lovely use of colour. I like the way you have backlit the sheep. Using black and white image fees you up to create what you want - freedom!!

Thanks Ros and Gudrun. Appreciate your comments. Kind regards

Hello Paul, I have been looking through your work and there are some amazing paintings. I love this one because of the atmosphere created from the back lighting and absolutely love the little stones in the foreground on the road. A superb atmospheric painting.

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335 views Drawn to Dave Webbs photo because the black and white image made the silhouetted sheep really stand out. It looked to me like sheep coming down the lane were patiently waiting for other sheep to cross the lane. It amused me to think that ovine road etiquette was alive and well in Exmoor, so I added an extra sheep to exaggerate this. I really struggled with putting colour to a black and white photo and my choice of colours changed pretty much at every stage of painting this. Comments, particularly re improvements, appreciated.

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