High in the Sky

High in the Sky

Looks great to me. It's very atmospheric, and the hint of the mountains on the right is quite perfect, as is the suggestion of the birds which add balance to what would have been a vast expanse of sky. It's a lovely piece.

I agree 100% with Seok: this is a beauty! Lovely sunshine on the houses and a very atmospheric background. Well done, I can't suggest any improvements!

I've done a few Provencal ones as well. This one is really lovely and captures the feeling of the villages in the region so very well. I often have a problem with the sky in these paintings as a very blue sky can overpower the buildings. I think you decision was right here as the soft sky allows the buildings to stand out. Super work.

Lovely watercolour Paul

Thank you very much. Appreciate the comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Seen a few Provencal Village paintings just lately and thought I'd have a go. As usual, went off at a tangent and ended up with a small mountain town in Corsica, but what the heck. All my paintings so far are 1/8 Imp, so rather small and this is definitely one that I would've found easier on bigger paper. Originally there was not going to be any sky in this painting. The blue background was going to be a more distant mountainside glimpsed through fog moving up between the mountains but it didn't look right and I wasn't sure how to correct it so it became a foggy sky, sort of! Comments re improvements welcome.

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