Energy (2)

Just the right amount of detail - excellent!

Love the use of reds and great energy as always in your figurative work

Perfect title, all your sporting images display exactly that Paulette. With less detail and a limited you seem to achieve more impact. Excellent.

Oops I seem to have missed the word palette in my comment.

Thank you, its really hard working with a monotone or dual tone palette. You really have to think so hard about the tones in the piece and whether you want it to be grey or red - cool and warm I suppose. Tonnes of stepping back and just thinking. Still I love anything difficult it seems

Hang on Studio Wall

When I took this photo I didn't really like the kit the woman cricketer was playing in. I'm currently playing around with monotone palettes so thought I'd solve that problem by using a reduced palette. This one was black, red and white which sang of warmth and energy. Oil on wood panel

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Picture Size: 16" x 12"
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Professional Artist. For 2020 I have decided to focus my work on cricket (which I love) and figure / portrait paintings and drawings. Although I am able to draw and paint birds, still lifes and animals and have been successful selling them I noted that whilst painting them I was forever thinking…

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