Amanda Mayle


My Artistic journey started again around 3 years ago. Having not picked up a paint brush since being 16 (and thats a while ago trust me ) for some reason one day I just got that urge to create . You know the one when it just comes out of nowhere but you just have to do it ?. My first piece was an extra large acrylic canvas of two elephants that my mother set her heart on so now has pride of place in her home :). After popping a photo of it on my fb profile there was so much interest that my facebook page Art by Amanda Mayle came to be. This is my main job now around family commitments. I'm a very proud member and Trustee of the Assosiation of Animal Artists and exhibited with them last year at the Station in Richmond for the first time. Still so much to learn but finally feel I'm doing the job that was mean't for me and everyday just sitting down to a blank canvas is just the best feeling ever !.