A Singing Ella

A Singing Ella (2)

Another beautiful little bird Paulette.

Beautiful, Paulette. She really does look feathery.

Beautiful painting

Delightful painting! Really like your style.

Lovely Paulette, you have a unique style which I really like.

Thank you again for the great feedback, I'm trying to make my pastel drawings and my oil paintings maintain the same style. The pastel drawings have really progressed I just need to bring that confidence into my oil paintings.


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Ella is a great tit that frequents my garden feeders. She's looking a lot chubbier than the last time I saw her so I think she's certainly keeping herself well-fed. On this particular day I was sketching the birds in my garden from life, not easy! Ella kindly hung around for a long time so I was able to sketch her in a few poses. I also took lots of photos, this one caught her swinging on the edge of the tree table chipring away. She's a happy little soul.

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Professional Artist. For 2020 I have decided to focus my work on cricket (which I love) and figure / portrait paintings and drawings. Although I am able to draw and paint birds, still lifes and animals and have been successful selling them I noted that whilst painting them I was forever thinking…

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