I love this Paulette, I wish I had eyelashes like Gertie!

Gorgeous Gertie! Stunningly good pastel work Paulette.

This is very good indeed Paulette; love it.

Gertie is splendid Paulette. Wish I had eyelashes like that!

Beautiful pastel, Paulette. Gertie turns out very delightful.

Beautiful picture of a beautiful animal.

Thanks for all the great feedback. It's caused a bit of a dilemma for me. I'm not passionate about wild animals or giraffes in particular. I just wanted to try out a new pastel technique and thought the clear fur on this would be good to try. It's proved to be really popular so I'm not sure if that's because of the subject or the pastel technique - hoping it's the latter :)

Probably a bit of both Paulette but personally it was the technique that drew me to it.

I saw quite a few of these at Painton Zoo yesterday - gorgeous painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

A little bit of fun after a long commission - 'Gertie' in pastel on primed board 16 x 12"

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