Power Cut. Your dinner is on the table.


Looks really good Denise . The light and the candle are painted beautifully, the apple looks nice and rounded . A really good painting.

Thanks Paul, after my failed grape attempt, I needed to have another go at a piece of fruit. I feel satisfied it looks like and apple.

Great warm glow from the candle and nicely painted apple - I really like this.

Interesting idea! You’ve captured the atmosphere rather well. You need to crop them better, ask on the forum and we’ll sort that out for you!

Good idea and title Denise.

I like this, particularly the glow from the candle and reflected light on the apple.

I'd be very pleased with this Denise, has a lovely quality to it

I love this Denise. Really good

Thank you everyone for your encouragement. I am so glad the apple turned out and it’s the first time I’ve tried to capture this type of glow. It’s something I might try again.

Lovely candle glow, Denise.

I like this very much! It's so well done and a humorous title too!

Denise this is excellent well done!

A lot of good things here, I especially like the way you've painted the candle and its glow. And the title is a gem. Love it.

Really effective Denise. Great apple!

Marvelous reflected light from the candle and the form of the apple is super showing the stem and position really well, a lovely painting indeed!

Hang on Studio Wall

My first attempt at fruit was a failure. This is my second attempt at a piece of fruit. It turned out better than the grapes did.

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