No Laughing.

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Not laughing at all - this could quite easily pass as a stylized painting by a modern master, whose works we don't necessarily expect to be anatomically accurate. AND - the ear's the right size!

Well, I'm amazed Robert, thanks, I have been paying particular attention to ears, in fact, every portrait that comes on, I'm studying the ears.

I totally agree with Robert , and would add that it’s really quite amazing due to your just attempting portrait’s. The use of colours has definitely given it that modern look as dies the style, beautifully done Denise.

I’m not laughing, honest .. it’s a great drawing…

Very expressive, and certainly no laughing matter. It's super, Denise!

Well done Denise, you have a real flare.

I know what you mean about necks and clavicles, something very paintable about them, good one Denise

Your comments are very much appreciated, thanks very much Paul, Sylvia, Seok, Roger and Heather.

It has style Denise. And I like the experiment with colour.

A very expressive and stylish piece of work Denise. Well done indeed.

Well I think this is pretty good Denise. Sign it with another name and you could make millions!

A very contemporary piece Denise.

Thanks for your kind words Lewis, Chris, Marjorie, Fiona and Linda. Nice thought Marjorie, of only.

This is super, Denise.

It’s fabulous, Denise. Really contemporary and I love the colours.

I love the colours you've used. Great picture

An interesting figure that works very well Denise as does the background colours and textures.

Very expressive...beautifully painted, Denise! Love it!!

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You can if you want. I must say, I have never drawn any of the human anatomy before but the past couple of days, I've been specifically looking at necks and clavicles. Since I haven't had my palette knives out for a while, I tried a bit of practice and did this. I know it's out of proportion but It is a first attempt from imagination.

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