SENSUALITY 2: The abuse of Swazi's Queens

SENSUALITY 2: The abuse of Swazi's Queens

Great imagination involved here OYemi but having read your info' it conjures up emotions of corruption and abused wealth.

Thank you for your comment, Carole Kelly. There lots of corruption and abuse of wealth in many countries in Africa. I am currently working of paintings that speak against the abuse of women around world. This painting is just about the abuse of young ladies of Swaziland.

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It’s a common tradition in Swaziland for the king to choose a wife each year. The Reed Dance ceremony is an annual event held in August or September, where unmarried and childless girls and women travel from the various chiefdoms to Ludzidzini to participate in the eight-day event, and would-be brides are publicly checked to ascertain their virginity. A chosen young lady will be added to the list of the queens of Swaziland and supposedly to enjoy a life of luxury. All is not well with some of the Swaizi’s Queens. There have been allegations of abuse and isolation of some of the queens. Two of the wives of King Mswati III have left him. Putsoana Hwala and Delisa Magwaza left the royal house in 2004. At the age of 18, Zena Mahlangu, was allegedly abducted by royal aides to become the king’s 10th wife; Queen Nothando Dube, the 12th wife of the King, was allegedly beaten and imprisoned. Queen Senteni Masango took her own life due to depression and the misery of her royal life.

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