Breaking the bonds of pain

Breaking the bonds of pain

A new version of a much earlier painting

Hi Diana, I do like this very much, in fact if you had not told us it was watercolour, I would have been sure it was done with oils, Really lovely.

Very evocative and meaningful. Wonderful work on the rust on the chains - don't know how you do this! Like the additions.

Thank you very much Norman and Thea. Norman I like to work watercolour as far as I can instead of just washes; see what it can do. In other things washes are fine but I wanted strength here. Thea I just build up the rust in layers, mostly wet on wet.

A fantastic watercolour! Love the touch of green too.

great painting Diana

Maybe I should explain such a personal painting. 7 years ago I became disabled, bedridden for almost a year and then a wheelchair user in dreadful constant pain. Had to give up work and a normal life. This represents my struggle to break out of that. The greenery is new life,where I managed to break through the pain; a new life I carved for myself such as my painting and hope that one day it may blossom. The tiny feather at the back is the freedom that didn't quite fly away; a little bit hung on that I could use.

And you have done it wonderfully well Diana ! I love the sense of design telling a story, the composition and colours.

Particularly like this painting....and your theme in painting it! Good for you! Bravo.

Diana, just read your blog, huge congratulations on your 2 recent successes, may you have many more. This is a beautiful painting!

I love this - even if I didn't know it's inspiration - which makes it even better - a picture with a story to tell. The rust is just perfect. I wish I could paint in watercolour - tried sveral times and decided I'd better stick to drawing. Great picture.

Hadn't seen this before - it's just great and after reading your blog this morning I think we can say you've gone a step further to freeing yourself. congratulations and good luck - you'll be very, very busy so will youstill have time for POL?!Avril.

I like this a lot ,the colours go so well and prove that watercolour does not have to be 'wishy washy' oops ! I've probably upset lots of watercolourists, but its only my opinion

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Watercolour 30 x 40cm. Selected for 2nd round judging: Sue Ryder Art Liberating Lives 2009

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