Say cheese

Say cheese

A very good pencil portrait. I like the turban. Bet your hand ached after this drawing!

Eek, the teeth again.... bless him. How on earth did you get the moustache like that, in pencil?

Negative spaces Robert; simply drawing round every single hair, same on the eyebrows. LOL I must have a thing about teeth! I actually drew it because of the skin texture and the wrinkles. He had so many open pores in his skin it fascinated me. Yes Carole, my hand ached with having to colour all of his skin in so many different shades. I did it all in one day- about 6 or 7 hours constant drawing. My legs had seized up by the end. I actually planned on putting a pattern on the turban but I'd had enough. The hardest part was keeping his shirt pure white. You don't half get mucky hands from graphite.

Fantastic drawing. Another one for your every increasing and very accomplished portfolio. Every detail of the drawing is beautifully executed and your attention to detail is amazing. It's a joy to see these drawings - keep them coming.

Two fantastic additions to your gallery and degree portfolio. You just keep getting better and better, I'm sooo jealous!!

Diana, this is just brilliant, I love it! Thank-you so much for letting me know about my drawing- I haven't received my copy yet. Best, Lesley

A great , accomplished drawing, Diana.

have very much enjoyed looking at your drawings,very skilled. Lots of lovely textures.I particularly like thisone & the rhino & your self portrait. Graphite not nearly so mucky as charcoal which I find like a cross between drawing & finger painting but I constantly blow the excess off so after a couple of hours getting down & dirty with the charcoal I look like a chimney sweep.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil 12" x 12" on Bristol board

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