Self Portrait

Self Portrait

These self-portraits are adding up - we shall have the competition that Raymond Ellis and I suggested before long; all we need is a judge... Is this also your first portrait, as well as first self-portrait? Not easy, is it...? The hair is especially effective, and is the very devil to do in watercolour. A pronounced character! But I think I would have guessed that anyway...

No it's not my first portrait; there are quite a few in my gallery in fact I just posted another one. I just never saw any reason to try to paint myself but decided to have ago after the recent discussions. I think I've messed up the background (again ! LOL). It isn't actually so pale. I love doing hair in watercolour, probably more than anything else. Maybe that's why I've painted dogs for so many years. Character? That's very polite and restrained of you LOL.

Just realised I made the same mistake I commented on on a painting yesterday in not getting an angled light source. It needs more shadows . The light is from above and would be better from the side

This is very good Diana it must have been very hard to do.........the background looks great the colour seems to bring the portrait forward.......very well painted.

A very good self portrait Diana,better than my efforts,but then you have a nicer image to work with than I do...Steve..

Oh Diana you have made it once more. Glasses are so difficult to paint and with watercolour it means taking more risks, very well done. How big is the painting ?

Thank you beatrice; it's 30cm x 40cm. Down to the bottom of the nose it's me but after that goes somewhat wrong. I'm truly not that fat or wrinkly round the neck ! LOL

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour; first self portrait ever. Not actually sure where this old woman came from but it was me when I first looked in the mirror.

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