God, those teeth just come straight for you - instantly recognizable, what medium have you used? Charcoal is my guess, but it could be a monochrome painting. Never mind taking a degree course, you ought to be teaching one.

absolutely brilliant!!!!

I'm sure Ken would be tickled pink with this one Mrs!

wheres mi tickling stick .. a great one Diana , love it reminds me I have a signed photo of ken lying about

Hehehe thanks Robert- love those teeth. All I used was an hb and an 8b pencil. I really ought to get charcoal but I hate the stuff. I discovered that I simply don't have enough pencil work to apply to miss the drawing course so am concentrating on just drawing to build up my portfolio. Having spent hours "locked in" at a Doddy concert, I just had to start with him.

And it's superb...I can hear his voice as I look at your drawing and remember all the laughter he brings to an audience.

great drawing the eyes and the teeth are spot on ...chris

He could not have helped but love this - well done.

Brilliant idea to really close in on the face as it makes such a compelling image. Spot on portrait as well - he just jumps off the page at you. Nice to see your drawings as well.

Great portrait, I like the way he's in your face!!

Brilliant... full of life

Hang on Studio Wall

10" x10"

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