Gorgeous work Diana and this one must really have taken you a long time!

Thank you both. Yes Ros it took weeks. Patience, determination and just an hour or two at a time. Never done one so big even in watercolour.

You really are making this medium of coloured pencils your own. As you'll know of course, until relatively recently almost no one worked with them at a "serious" level - but the quality of the pencils wasn't there back then: colours were fairly basic, not always lightfast, and they were a swine to work with because either the "leads" (must be a better word) were so hard that you'd wear a hole in the paper trying to intensify the colour, or so soft that they'd disintegrate if you breathed on them. I discovered the Karismacolor pencils by Berol - which were so much better than anything else I could find at the time - but moved to other things, and neglected drawing in coloured pencils. When I took an interest again, Karismacolor had been sold on, and I couldn't get anything as good. However - you will know where I should try to find them now! Tell all, or recommend your preferred brands; Caran d'Ache? Derwent? And is there anything like Karismacolor available now - because even I could work with them?

Afraid you've had your Karismacolour now but I believe Faber Castell Polychromos are the nearest. That's what most people seem to use. I've found a huge difference between brands and types. I started with Derwent Studio which are very hard but if used softly in many layers work beautifully. I still like them for sharp edges and detail but you can't get strong colours with them . I then got some Derwent coloursoft which for me were just too soft but a lovely range of colours. My husband bought me a huge tin of Caran D'Ache at Christmas which are about half way between and blend well but I really want Polychromos. I bought just their black , white and warm grey and the intensity of colour is fantastic. It's a far deeper black than anything else I've found. I like the firmness of Caran D'Ache without them being too hard; prismacolour feel softer but not as soft as Coloursoft if that makes sense. I end up sharpening coloursoft after every 4 or 5 strokes.I believe Prismacolour are now only available in the USA. Lightfastness isn't really an issue now with any of them.I also bought a couple called Karmina just to try the black but didn't like them and i don't think they are lightfast. If I had the money I'd buy Polychromos and use the rest for edges or incidental colours. The usual places sell Polychromos, Caran D'Ache and Derwent such as SAA, Jacksons,and Ken Bromley. The only place i know that sells Prismacolour in the UK is who sell single pencils only - not sets.

This is such a gem Diana. I got my Prismacolour or Prismacolor from ebay they are the same brand as karisma colour pencils (sanford) You can even get the odd bunch of Karisma on ebay, but they go way up in price! Everybody and his dog wants them!

Thanks Carole, that's handy to know

Diana, this is just gorgeous! You are one talented lady!

Hang on Studio Wall

Caran D'Ache pencils on Bristol Board A3 size

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