Go away I'm sleeping

Go away I'm sleeping

Sooo cuddly Diana. Saw this on F B .. Brilliant.

Oooh love this, what a picture.

I'm not normally too keen on animal portraits but this one takes my breath away. It really is superb! Possibly the best that I've seen on the site. What size is it and how long would a work like this take to do?

Agree with above comments Diana this is amazing and with the amount of fur in it must have taken you a record breaking amount of time but with a brilliant result like this it was well worth it, I guess you have to be in the right frame of mind to go into this much detail and persevere through to the end as I think you have said previously

Stunning detail Diana, beautiful composition/cropping. That fur must've taken an age! I admire your patience.

Brilliant Diana, this is fab. At first glance it didnt look like pencil, then I noticed your name under and had a look. This is so good and the composition is really good. What size is it?

Thank you so much. I really did enjoy this. One of those that just flowed without problems. It's slightly under 12 inches by 8 inches.. It took 3 days solid work. I'd guess between 20 and 25 hours.

Amazing Diana......love the composition and fur texture.

Wow, Diana...Really enjoyed seeing this, an unusual and original take on the much painted lion family! Brilliant CP work!

Sincere thanks to everyone for the really lovely comments. I have to admit to being extremely pleased with this one myself. They don't all turn out like this!

It's such a good feeling when something turns out just as we hoped it would ( doesn't happen very often to me unfortunately) and this is one of the best examples of CP work I've seen IMHO. Just brilliant Diana.

This is wonderful.

OH Val what a lovely comment and Sue too. It's on its way to Australia

Hang on Studio Wall

Coloured pencil on Bristol Board.

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