You have certainly captured that look, love the detail on the jumper.

Gosh - that takes me back a bit. I used to be desperate to look waif-like like her. Sadly, I was a strapping girl, so no luck there! Really well captured image of Twiggy. It is so difficult to get facial features so right that it really looks like the person, but you have done it perfectly. What a wonderful portfolio of drawings you are building.

You've caught the impression she gave all those years ago - a sort of almost grubby, neglectful innocence; all make-up but no great certainty beneath; typical of the age (or are these comments just typical of my age??).

I think she was a bit of an enigma. The big wide eyed innocence of the panda make up yet a blankness in the eyes suggesting drugs or disturbance. Is it "the age" or my age? I don't know. I lived through that era but never experienced it.

I think you have caught the little girl lost look which Twiggy always had, despite all the hype and image put about by the Press. I never felt she was a happy girl, and you have certainly portrayed that. Lovely texture on the jumper...takes me back to the old fairisle patterns which we all knitted and wore then. The number of coloured wool strands were murder to cope with!

Lovely drawings Diana and love those sleepy pups too!

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 size on Fabriano 5 HP paper

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I am Diana Hudson, a Lancashire lass who grew up in a little village outside Burnley. I travelled extensively and worked all over the world before returning to my roots in the Pendle area. As a dog breeder and judge, I specialised in pet portraits for over 20 years before adding portraits,…

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