a storm on the horizon

a storm on the horizon

The washes are exquisite Nancy. If it were me I would place a boat in the right lower third going towards the horizon but with a vertical indication of a sail to complement the horizontals. Nothing else needs to be added. Hope this helps Nancy.

Absolutely beautiful skies.

Really good, fresh watercolour Nancy. Agree with Carole re the boat. That white patch of sky is begging for a seagull or three!

Super washes, Nancy, and I agree with Carole as it definitely needs a vertical sail on the right...but very soft, only hinted at, also Stephens' birds, to add a little movement. Gorgeous even as it is now, though1

Lovely sky and water I paint a lot of similar style seascapes and finish them with some distant boats as a bit of detail sets of soft washes

Nothing too distinct for me Nancy. Boats with the sails down and nothing too near...maybe a row boat in the foreground, and distant seagulls. The reflections of the land mass on the water make it a tranquil day. It's that sort of painting.

Lovely painting Nancy, and yes a couple of loosely suggested gulls and a small white sale near the horizon would make it even better .

Thank you all for your very kind comments and ideas. I have to practice a few boats, and sails, first. :-) Thank you Heather for liking my skies! and everyone ~ Carole, Stephen, Thalia, Jim and Dennis, thanks for ideas of adding boat to right side, and facing into the landscape. I am thinking perhaps a canoe or sails down as you say Jim, it is a tranquil day. Thank you Dermot for your ideas. I admire your coastal scenes and will take a look at your website again to see ideas for a boat. (I know it needs a focal point, this is so often when I stop my process, and don't finish a painting.)

Thank you so much Nancy for your lovely, encouraging comments on my art. I appreciate them very much.

Lovely very loose and airish, nice simple palette, well done.

Thanks for your kind comment James. I did stay with a limited palette.

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolor, a beginning wet into wet wash, added a horizon as it dries. Not sure what to do to finish this, painting from my memories at the harbor or lakes edge. Any suggestions? I have painted so few boats, thinking this would be a welcome addition. What kind? and where? and I must add birds, have to consider size and where? suggestions? thank you all for any comments and ideas!

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