Art Critic 32

Art Critic 32

I take your point :-)

Early morning giggle.

Early morning giggle. Just dotty.

Very good Michael!

Another great one Michael.

Love this, Michael!

You've brought another grin to my face :)

Love it!

Another excellent funny Michael.....I don't know how you keep coming up with them.

Thanks everyone - just had another idea..........!

Like that one, and James's comment!

:-) excellent stuff Michael. What's next, a blank black sheet of paper - a black cat in a coal hole with its eyes shut? best Mick

When I'm feeling down I will review your cartoon gallery:)

:-p very funny :-) i thought about submitting years back to an art competiion a blank sheet of A4 and saying it's a snow blizzard :-p

Hang on Studio Wall

The last one inspired the blank canvas debate on the forum - honest!

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